Disco Death Records was started by Joel Eckerson and Colin Wilkinson from the ashes of Dead Media Records, a local record store serving the South Side of Minneapolis for the last six years. Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic Dead Media had to shut its doors forever. But with endings come new beginnings and Disco Death Records is ready to serve up new and used vinyl and cassettes to Minneapolis and beyond.
Located on W 26th St, we have put together a web store where you can buy all our records from the convenience of your home and have them shipped directly to your door or picked up from us without contact. We are also open 7 am to 7 pm every day for coffee and browsing.
Disco Death Records supports Black Lives Matter and other social justice organizations. A percentage of our monthly profits will be donated to local movements and organizations. For every record or tape you purchase, know that a part of your payment will be going to an organization that will be helping stop systemic racism and bigotry right here in Minneapolis.


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Local Organizations 

Below are some local organizations that are dedicated to helping Minneapolis grow together as a community. Without these people our city would be much different. They're dedicated everyday to help make change in this crazy world These wonderful people are the real heroes of our beloved Minneapolis. We will be donating every month to these and other organizations, but if you would like to donate more (or even volunteer!) check out these links!!